Dr Norbert Andersch

Dr Norbert Andersch has worked for many years both as a neurologist and a psychiatrist, In Germany as well as England. He offers a vibrant criticism of the phenomenological approach to psychiatry. Very interrested in psychopathology, he establishes a fundamental link between his research on mental illness and the theory of symbolic forms elaborated by Ernst Cassirer.

Andersch Symbolic Form (PDF)
Kein Unterschied (PDF)
Rezension (PDF)
80 Jahre DGGN Script (PDF)
Andersch N2 (PDF)
Second Chance for Gestalttheory in Psychopathology (PDF)
letzte Version Gestalt (PDF)
zuletzt gekuerzte Version (PDF)
Symbolraume und Psychopathologie (PDF)
Gestalttheorie in der Psychiatrie (PDF)
Gestalt-theory in psychopathology (PDF)
Towards a Synthesis of Psychiatry and Semiotics (PDF)